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My Personality Traits And My Purpose – Technique Of Work With “BE DO HAVE” Deck


Objective: change of developed views on achievement of defined purpose(goal), revaluation of qualities of own character in relation to achievement of this purpose, change of behavior strategy to achieve the goal.


·   to visualize an important goal

·   to realize the traits of character perceived as positive

·   to realize the traits of character perceived as negative

·   to come to a conclusion which of the traits of character help and which hinder the achievement of a specific goal

·   to plan the ways for correction (of character manifestations or goal).

Equipment: deck of metaphoric associative (projective) cards “BE, DO, HAVE”

Duration: 30 minutes.

Age range of application: after 16 years.

Work algorithm.

Introduction. “BE, DO, HAVE” deck of metaphoric associative (projective) cards is displayed on a table: half of cards images up, second half words up.

Main part.

1.  Think of some important purpose(goal) relevant for you at present. Choose a card with image to symbolize your purpose and put it before yourself.

2.  Then think of your most striking traits of character. Choose five cards with inscriptions of your character features that you like: we will call them the positive traits. If you did not find any feature of own character among the inscriptions on cards, choose a card with image that reflects the necessary trait.

3.  Now choose five cards with images that symbolize five traits of character that you do not like in yourself: we will call them the negative traits of character.

4.  Put the cards with positive traits of character on one side of your goal image, and the cards with negative traits on another. Take a good look what has turned-out. Assess, what of your personality traits laid before you help, and what – prevent you from achievement of the goal. You may expect a surprise. At this stage it can be that chosen purpose does not correspond to your personality, is not so important to fight for it and sacrifice for possible opening for its achievement as you are naturally averse of it.

5.  Time to make changes to your picture of interactions of character and purpose, as those traits of character not helpful to achieve the goal dictate you a certain behavior. What behavior would be effective instead? Find a card with a suitable inscription and cover with it the card hindering achievement of your purpose. Do so with each card preventing the goal achievement. When all cards of obstacles are covered, examine what turned-out attentively. If still necessary to add any card, do so. Memorize the resulting picture and store it in own inner world any convenient way. Then put all cards in a box.

Conclusions. The traits of character that we love in ourselves are not always helpful to achieve goals, and the traits of character that we reject are not always the ones that prevent us from achievement. This technique helps to be determine what actively or passively prevents us from reaching a certain goal important for us and to plan ways for change of own behavior or manifestations of character preventing its achievement. If such change is unacceptable, to answer the question why it is not possible to achieve the goal, and to reconsider it, perhaps.

© Eva Morozovsky

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