“7us” associative cards

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“7us” is a set of 96 colorful cards, developed by family psychologist E. Nikitina (Ukraine, Kiev) specifically to work with inquiries regarding relationships in the family system.
The deck is logically divided into three parts. The first one is cards that depict various situations encountered in each family system, the second part of the deck is cards that convey the state of a person.

States with a “-” sign: anger, anxiety, detachment from reality, sadness, loneliness, fear, poverty.

States with the “+” sign: lightness, love, anticipation, abundance, confidence, interest (fearlessness), joy.  And
the third part, represented by just one card ̶ depicts Gender, support for the genus, appeal to their roots. Family Card ̶ Family Tree »̶ suggests turning to family stories, memories, asking for help from your Family Source.

The deck is accompanied by an instruction with individual and group methods of using the “7us” cards.


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