Associative cards “Contact”

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“Contact” deck contains 48 pictures. This deck is consonant with Gestalt therapy: its cards show you the options for contact between people, to which they enter to satisfy their needs, for example, in security, attachment and/or dependence, manipulation and/or free circulation with another subject. At the same time on different cards we see some or other violations of the contact cycle: merging, introjection, projection, retroflection. The Gestalt therapist can apply suitable images for individual work with violated contact cycles.

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Use “Contact” cards either in line with our suggestions, or by other methods that are invented by yourself when you creatively adapt this psychological tool to your needs.


  1. Image name

In a group. Participants receive an equal amount of cards. A dealer chooses one of his cards, and comes up with a name for this image. Then he lays four cards that include the chosen one face up on the table, and announces the fabled name. Other participants suggest a card that might be named by the dealer. Then next person takes his turn.


  1. Subject of the day

In a group. Participants receive an equal amount of cards. A dealer mentions a subject in the domain of a relation he is interested in, and other participants choose a card from their decks that is related to the mentioned subject from their point of view, lay it face up on the table, and explain their choices. Participants have an opportunity to expand their knowledge of subject, get answers to some questions, learn about the perception of affecting situation by others, and make progress when assessing their problem during this discussion.


  1. Saying – proverb

Choose a card that draws your attention. Consider it. What kind of events does the card depict? What saying or proverb can represent these events? If no saying comes to your mind, how can you describe the image? What event of your life can you recall basing upon this card? How can this event cast light upon current events and relationships in your life today?


  1. Put oneself in else’s shoes

Choose a card that affects you, hurts your feeling, and reminds you of a painful and recurrent reality situation involving different participants and circumstances. Describe the characters and their feelings. What character on the card are you associated with?

Have you ever played the role of other participant of the situation, of another character of the card? Try to recall one of such cases. How did you feel playing this unusual role? What motivation were you guided by? What could you say to another participant of the situation (all participants, each participant) basing upon this usual role? How could you explain your attitude and your actions with respect to this abnormal situation?

Now, listen to these arguments and incentives from the perspective of your normal self that has experienced the recurring situation affecting your interaction. How did your situation awareness change in the course of this practice completion?

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  1. Elina

    I use this set in my practice, my clients like it. I want to bay add sets by Eva.

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