Coaching set

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Thematic sets are selected for the convenience of specialists working with a particular topic. Each set includes 4 decks of associative cards and is sold at a 25% discount, as if you were paying for three decks and getting the fourth as a gift. This is a very advantageous and convenient offer: in one purchase you get a whole set of different tools that allow you to elegantly and beautifully work with the central issue of your specialization.

This set is great to using in coaching and CBT. We are sorry that it’s may be used only by Russian-speakers because one of it’s important decks is exist only in Russian Language and was not translated.

Данный набор предназначен для коучинга и когнитивно-поведенческой психотерапии. Он содержит колоды “Быть Делать Иметь” – для работы с ценностями,  “Маленькие Радости” – для укрепления мотивации и поиска ресурсов, “Маска” – для понимания разнообразия своих ролей и способов поведения и взаимодействия, и уникальную колоду “Герои и Злодеи”, которая не переведена на другие языки и потому доступна только русскоязычным коучам и терапевтам.


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